Jan 2 12 1:13 AM

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Now I posted this on the US forum to see what they can come up with but have a think, I have made up my mind what I intend to do to solve this but read on.

Your advice or ideas on rear wheel removal on 1913 T.
Left hand rear wheel again, 4 broken rivets in fellow to rim and the hub has welded its self to the axle.
Choices that you would use..
1)... use a wheel puller, Size.. small after market, medium work shop, factory model, a big mother from ebay...
2)... Wheel puller and small hammer, large hammer, get out the sledge hammer.
3).. Use heat on hub and a small hammer on tread protector, (enclosed nut), more heat and large hammer, blow torch and sledge hammer.
4)... Remove wheel nut and drive to near by town (100 mile round trip) and back, heat and acceleration then hard braking, spokes could break.
5).... Every one of the above in moderation, belt the crap out of it, attack it with gusto and big sledge Hammer
6).. Get medium to contact Henry Ford for advice, or phone personal guru to assist. (All ready left message with guru.)
7)... Lets get serious, this wheel has to come off.. Done this before,Tools required.. Hammer (rubber type), hammer (metal type), big sharp chisel, ¼” pin punch, angle grinder, masking tape.
A-line axle keyway to top, tape spokes and flange plate, Grind heads off wheel hub bolts,
Hit bolt shafts into wheel, remove flange plate, remove spokes in one setting
(still in rim), get angle grinder and cut through the hub into axle key or as deep as I can get,
place chisel in slot and belt the crap out of it till hub cracks, remove hub and
count cost of new hub , cut hands, bruised fingers from hammer.
8).... Any other bright ideas please...
At this stage we can forget number 1, So far I am up to the big mother as the first three pullers have broken or the thread has pulled out of them
We can also forget number 2, 4 and 6 so number 7 is the next step....
I will point out that the wheel was cut off around 8 years ago for the same reason and replaced with new hub on a clean shaft with a coating of oil and it has happened again.....Ray
PS. Gary, this could be the end of that hub for you but it is not...