Apr 21 12 5:49 PM

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Hi Fellow Model T'ers
It is with a sad heart I advise you of the passing of two well loved club members this week.
Trevor Thiele, passed away early this week after a long battle with poor health. Trevor will be remembered as a character with a sharp wit and dry sense of humor, Trevor had a very full life and among other things had been a Pilot and only retired from that activity in the last few years. Trevor was a little like David Niven, a smooth talking and very interesting man. Trevor will be missed by all our members and our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Joyce and all his family and friends.

Today we were also notified of the passing of Jim Miller from Great Lakes near Grand Rapids in Michigan USA. Jim was also a character and liked a joke and could talk for hours, having been retired for longer than I care to mention Jim was a volunteer for the Habiat Housing scheme building homes for the poor, he also gave his time to doing Tax returns for the poor and also taught others how to do this well. Jim was well educated and was a design engineer with GM in the States, he worked on brake systems and other intricate mechanisms. Nothing ever seemed to worry Jim he would always say "It'll be alright" and he never ever had a bad word to say about anyone (with the exception of some polititions). Jim attended many Rallies here in Australia including the Around Australia tour in 2008, he was intending to return here next year to attend the rally in South Australia. Jim was also a religios man, hardly ever missed a service, sang in the choir and played in the brass section of the band. Jim will be sadly missed by his hundreds of friends world wide and his family, Doris, Dan, Teri and all his extended family members.

Gary Amesbury

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