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Jun 14 12 10:48 AM

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Hi All
I have recently purchased a 1915 Model T which has, I've been told, a James Flood roadster body which is original and restored in Tasmania. It was completed by Francis Ransley in the late 1980s after Jim Saward took it over from Charlie Smythe. The car ended up in Singapore in 1992 after a stint at the York Motor Museum. It is now back in Australia with sady rotten wooden wheels caused by the humidity in Singapore.

Has anyone got any clues on the early history of this car or James Flood roadster bodies?

All the best

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Jun 14 12 12:26 PM

Re: James Flood body on a Model T Roadster

James Flood Motor Body Works was located in West Footscray in Victoria, he built all types of motor bodies from Model T Fords to Rolls Royce. There is a stack of information about him and the Body Works on the internet with some photos from the state library. I have no information about you particular car but would like to see a photo of it on here!

Flivver20 (Grumpy by name, Grumpy by nature)

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Jun 18 12 9:30 AM

Re: James Flood body on a Model T Roadster

Does anyone else know of any James Flood-bodied roadsters? I was told over the weekend that this is the only one, but I am wary of anyone who says they have the only one of anything.

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