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Jun 15 12 1:10 PM

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Hi All
Here's another Model T with a home-made body. It is called Rickety Kate and it came at some stage from eastern Australia and is now in Western Australia.
Someone had a lot of fun grafting a body from a sulky or something similar onto the T (or that's what it looks like, anyway).
Does anyone know the background to this car?
All the best
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Jun 18 12 10:42 PM

Re: Unusual Ford Model T Rickety Kate

My PC didn't download a photo so I can only guess that it might be "Nellie Grace" which was owned by Peter Limon in the 1980's or 90's. Nellie Grace was supposedly used to transport clients to brothels in the days when American military personell were regular visitors to Sydney. The car had been modified to have an A Model transmission but after Peter bought it he reverted it back to the original Model T. I understand the car was eventually sold to west Ausrtalia

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