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Jun 16 12 11:10 AM

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I'm in the process of skinning my 1917 T and am about to borrow a bead roller to make the bead in the sheet metal around the perimeter of the door.

I assume that I should roll in the bead first and then bend the metal around the door frame. I was thinking that although the metal is fairly thin, it might still be a bit of a struggle to make a neat bend over the frame at the top, sides and bottom of the door.

Anyone done this before and have good advice before I start ?


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Jun 17 12 10:08 PM

Re: Skinning a door

Hi Jack
I think you are on the right track, put the bead in first then start at the top of the door and make the panel fit as good as you can. Then clamp the panel all around using blocks of wood on the panel to stop clamp marks and hold the panel tight against the frame. Then gradually form the panel over the door. I would start at the bottom first then gradually turn the two sides over a little at a time. make sure the panel is tight against the frame all the time as you form it over all the way around. Make sure you paint the inside of the panel before you do the final fixing to prevent rust. Paint the timber frame also.

Good luck. Gary

Flivver20 (Grumpy by name, Grumpy by nature)

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