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Dec 11 12 6:10 PM

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Hi all ,im wondering if somebody could tell me who does a recondition engine for a t model ,thanks, regards,Monte.b
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Dec 16 12 6:02 PM

Re: recondition engines

Hi Monte.b
Our main club engine restorer has retired after many years of valuable service to the Vintage Car movement. I am not 100% sure but I believe that there are several companies in Victoria who restore engines one being the Egge manufacturing company, I know they make new rear Axles and some other parts and I am sure they would do engine rebuilds. There would be others in NSW but I do not know them, hopefully someone else will hop on here and be more helpfull.


Flivver20 (Grumpy by name, Grumpy by nature)

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Dec 16 12 9:27 PM

Re: recondition engines

Thanks for the reply, the thing is if i can get somebody to do the bearings i can then do the rest myself,i just cant seem to find anybody to pour the bearings.I got a lead the other day to wilson vintage engines ,they were at bribie island ,but the phone is disconnected so i presume they are no longer in business

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Jan 22 13 1:09 PM

Re: recondition engines

Hi Monte

Just saw your post and got this from the retiree who used to do the work for us.
I think he* is in Northern NSW

The name for the T engine restorer;

*David Moor

W 6554 1207

M 0407 554 143


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