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Aug 17 13 5:02 PM

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G'day Fellow T'ers!

Just thought I should let everyone know about the progress on the Ford Model T Enthusiasts website...

The site is constantly growing, and because of the site is becoming so large, all of the Articles and Educational Resources have been indexed in the brand new Model T Library.

Everything is in one easy location, just click "Model T Library" at the top-left of any page on the site.

I'm be open to any feedback on the new design, if anyone has any suggestions for further improvement.

Also, don't forget to join over 250 other Model T enthusiasts on Facebook!

Click here to view the attachment

- TinLizMitch

Mitch Taylor, Tinonee NSW
Model T Owner & Enthusiast

My Model T:
Facebook Group:

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Dec 10 13 7:37 AM

Re: ***Model T Ford Enthusiasts website UPGRADE***

Hi Mitch
Great Website and heaps of information. I tried to contact you through your website but the contacts page came up blank! I have another model T Music track for you if you want it.

Cheers, Gary

Flivver20 (Grumpy by name, Grumpy by nature)

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