Mar 26 14 5:46 PM

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My use of this forum is intermittent to say the least, but I find it invaluable for picking up on what is going on locally. Please don't close it.

I am looking to work on my 1915 Model T in some upcoming long service leave. I have a range of questions. First for now is where people go for hood bows in Australia? My car has two broken hood bows and a very old hood so I'm thinking to get new bows of the "correct" size (whatever that is), rather than copying what I have. I have read claims of 1.0x1.5 inch with 52 inches inside width. Is that "correct"?

A MTFCA posting says (for 1913) 1.0x1.625 inch and 53 inch inside width! It also talks about an extra beveled strip of wood on the rear bow. What is that?

Peter McGregor (Canberra)