Mar 30 14 7:38 AM

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I think this all started on my trip around Australia in 2008, While climbing a hill just out of GinGin in Queensland I dropped the warford gearbox into low and pressed down on the low band at the same time - this resulted in a horrible noise which turned out to be a bent crown wheel and hemisphere. I managed to replace the crown wheel and the broken half of the hemisphere with donations from locals and help from my travel buddies.

Now after helping to celebrate a 90th Birthday wish up near Bargo I was on the way home when the car starting missing and groaning, I stopped and inspected the bands and they were fine so tried to continue but only travelled a short distance before grinding to a halt. Geoff Smith and his Grandson Clayton came to my recue with a trailer and ferried me home.

On disassembling the diff the hemisphere had disintegrated and had chewed up the crown wheel in the process. further to that one of my safety hubs had popped the circlip and worn away part of the shaft. Once again Geoff Smith came to my rescue with a good crown wheel and took away the safety hub to rebuild it. I am still in the process of reassembling the diff which is something I can do now blindfolded.

Thank you to Geoff and all other members who have bailed me out in the past - hope this is the last diff repair for me>

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