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Jun 11 14 8:57 PM

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My 1924 (1926 engine, transmission unknown) T shudders to a stop when the foot brake is pressed. The shuddering occurs just as the car rolls to a stop. I suspected that perhaps the brake band needed tightening. After tightening to just near locking state, the shuddering appeared to have slightly improved, but the shuddering has not been eliminated sufficiently for me to assume that the problem has been fixed. I now assume that this is may be a transmission, clutch or universal joint problem, but before I take the awesome step to remove the engine and dismantle the transmission to look around, has anyone any suggestions please?   
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Oct 30 14 12:01 PM

I don't think there's a transmission problem as such because all of it is isolated when you apply the brake and go into neutral, except of course the brake drum itself.
As for the universal joint, you could eliminate that by using reverse to stop the car and seeing if it does it then.
My thought is it's the brake lining. Perhaps try relining the band, or swap with the reverse or low band, before extracting the power plant.

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