Jul 1 10 9:58 AM

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Hi All,
I have had several requests on how to add your photo or Avatar to the forum so here are the steps.
1. Click on the "User Control Panel" in the pink ribbon above.
2, Click on the "Profile Tab"
3. Click on "Edit Avatar" on the left hand side.
4. Browse for your photo and upload it.
5. When this is done you will not see your picture, scroll down and press submit, then you will see the final image and it will be placed on all your postings and replies automatically.

If your photo is to big you will receive a message and you will need to save it as a smaller file using Photoshop or similar.

If after all this you still can't do it send the photo to me and I will upload it for you.
Cheers. Gary

Flivver20 (Grumpy by name, Grumpy by nature)