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Nov 6 11 9:53 PM

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Hi All ,

being new to this forum and Model T's ,I am looking for some info
on how to date a car and what to look for .

Any info would be great

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Nov 8 11 9:38 AM

Re: Newby

A Model T will be from one of three eras which can be ascertained simply by looking at the outside of the car; 1)Brass era 1908-1916, 2)1917 to 1925, 3)The Improved Ford of 1926-27.
Most T owners use the engine number to ascertain the exact year, but not all cars still have the original engine block. The US made engine blocks are well documented as to date of manufacture. The Canadian ones (engine number starts with "C") are not so well documented but it is still possible to get an accurate enough estimate. For the Improved Fords (Geelong models in Australia), there is a body number on the firewall. This numbering started in early 1926.
The Brass cars can be narrowed down to 1908-1914 if fitted with acetylene headlights. 1915-1916 were fitted with electric lights. "Brass" refers to those cars with the square shaped unpainted brass radiators with angled corners.
The next generation of cars, 1917-1925 can be narrowed down to 1917-1918 if the headlights work from the magneto. 1919 and beyond are fitted with starter motors, or have provision for doing so. These cars have a taller radiator with painted shell with the top sloping up to the filler neck on both sides.
The last generation of 26-27 can easily be identified by the flip up lid on the cowl, wider pedals and larger brake drums.
This is only a rough guide; there are many other changes over the years.

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Nov 8 11 9:23 PM

Re: Newby

Thanks John ,

I am thinking that mine is a 26 as it has a number on the fire wall (starting with A) and timber spoke wheels
The motor looks like it starts with either a C or a G

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Nov 9 11 10:59 AM

Re: Newby

What engine and body numbers have you got? Mine are C617008 and A490 which correspond with March/April 1926 assembly date in Geelong. Having said that, there is some variation over the 1926 model's production period.
Early 26's such as mine use 30x3.5" clincher tyres which were left over from 1925 production. Most however, have the later 21" balloon tyres.
Also, there is no reinforcing bar between the headlights of the early 26's. The fan mount is the other thing; early ones use an eccentric cam to set the fan belt tension, later types are a simple clamp type arrangement.
1927 cars look almost identical but use a different carburettor, have wire wheels, and strengthened windscreen stanchions

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Nov 11 11 8:40 AM

Re: Newby

That's an interesting combination of numbers. A798 suggests mid 1926, and given the proximity to my own body number I wouldn't be surprised if your car has 30x3.5 clincher tyres.
What stands out is the engine number is much earlier than it should be (about 200,000 earlier), suggesting it isn't original. This is not unusual of course; a lot of T's have had parts of random years installed and there are plenty of T's out there with non original engines.
Can you tell us, 1)how many dips the pan has under the engine; 3 or 4?,
2)if there are two bolt holes right at the back of the cylinder head, adjacent to the magneto post?
And to further work out what the situation is,
3)are the brake and high/low pedals wider than the reverse?
4)is the brake drum inside the transmission wider than the low and reverse drums, or are all three the same size?
5)are there two bolt holes on the top of the transmission cover up against the back of the cylinder head and do they have bolts in them?

From this we can ascertain if the whole powerplant is pre 26 or just the cylinder block.

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Nov 13 11 7:06 PM

Re: Newby

does the fuel tank position give you any indication on the date , as I have noticed that most of the
Model T 's have the tank under the seat , where the one I am trying to date has it under the dash with
the filler cap in the vent in front of the windscreen (like a Model A I think )

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Nov 30 11 7:37 PM

Re: Newby

Hi Guys

Thanks for the info so far, I have been a bit busy lately so still have not checked all those things ( cause the car is not here)
but soon as I have checked I will post it up.

With me being from SE QLD is there any local clubs that I can look in to up here?


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Dec 1 11 2:08 PM

Re: Newby

Hi newby
There is a Model T Ford club in Queensland, they are fairly spread out and meet regularly for weekend runs. Here is there website address, you should be able to get some contact details from there.


Flivver20 (Grumpy by name, Grumpy by nature)

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